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"This townie isn't bothering you, right?"

"Oh, beyond belief. But it's nothin' I can't handle."

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"If we’re not quiet, we might get caught."

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Generated Number 4: Kiss on the cheek

The last thing the linguist expected was to receive such tender care from the young ensign, yet this is exactly the treatment she was getting from him. He not only took a few hits for her, but landed enough so that they could flee in enough time so that the fight didn’t continue outside. 

All along she thought she’d always be the one to protect him, to make sure he was okay, but it never occurred to her that the favor could be returned, and in such a way that made her heart warm when she thought about it. And so with as much strength as she could muster, she’d called a cab to take them to her apartment where she cleaned his wounds and they spoke quietly, in hushed tones so as to avoid stepping on each other’s thoughts. 

She finished with less words than she began, and for a moment they sat looking at each other, and she felt warmth gathering into her cheek, her head, her stomach, telling her body that she was tired, that they should rest and talk about it in the morning. Moving toward him, she spoke even softer than before, afraid her words would make the walls around them cave in. 

"I probably don’t deserve you," she says, "but thank you." The words drift from her mouth just before she presses it against his cheek, the corners of her mouth turning up just slightly. 

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dammit jim


dammit jim

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  • 4: cheek kiss
  • 5: eyelid kiss
  • 6: fingers kiss
  • 7: firm kiss
  • 8: first kiss
  • 9: forehead kiss
  • 10: french kiss
  • 11: gentle kiss
  • 12: ghost kiss
  • 13: hand kiss
  • 14: jawline kiss
  • 15: last kiss
  • 16: neck kiss
  • 17: rain kiss
  • 18: stomach kiss
  • 19: underwater kiss
  • 20: upside down kiss

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